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Which gift basket?

When it comes to gift giving, many people scratch their heads with consternation. Which gift will that certain recipient prefer? Which gift is considered politically correct? Can you give a gift of food or wine or is that considered to be unhealthy or inappropriate?

Well, there has been some great research done of late which have proven that those things we assumed were bad for our health have actually turned out to be beneficial.

Scientists and doctors alike have found that moderate amounts of wine are good for the circulation. The French and Italians take wine on a daily basis – even giving children watered down wine with meals – and suffer less from heart attacks and circulatory problems than those living in the USA and other parts of Europe.

Even more great news is that dark chocolate has been discovered to lower high blood pressure. Of course, don’t take this as carte blanche to stuff that wonderful confection day and night. Taken in moderation it can lower moderately high blood pressure – but if you are overdoing it then the added weight gain will nullify any health benefits.

With all this information in mind you can literally feel free in sending a superb gift basket filled with goodies to surprise and delight the recipient. No longer are you constricted by worries of whether it is appropriate or not. In fact, many people send an assorted gift basket and expect that if the recipient cannot use the goodies themselves then they will serve up the food or wine to guests at dinner parties or barbecues etc. Either way, the gift will be appreciated in one way or the other.

Of course, you are not limited in your choice of gift basket. You can literally get anything in a basket these days from bathroom goodies to soft toys, from baby goods to baskets stuffed with candles and massage oils. The list is virtually endless and for the connoisseur there are even gourmet baskets.

One great fashion of late is to send wine as a gift. These can either be single bottles presented with a wine bottle holder or gift baskets with a variety of wines or champagnes plus some other accoutrement to make the gift extra special.

Imagine that a favorite relative is about to be married. What would be nicer than to send a wine cooler complete with a superb bottle of champagne and wine glasses all packed into a presentation basket? Of course, this gift is not limited to weddings. It could also be sent for a special anniversary, a promotion or simply to say ‘I love you’.

The good thing about the gift basket is that often it could contain something for now – the wine or food – plus something to keep for future use - perhaps a game, glasses, wine cooler etc. that will remind the recipient of the giver for many years to come. How great it would be to be remembered for the great gift you gave some time before!

The trick about giving an appropriate gift basket is to consider the recipient. Don’t forget to also consider your budget. There is no need to bankrupt your wallet merely to impress. Better to give a single ‘good’ bottle of wine than to offer a basket with several cheaper alternatives, especially if the recipient is a senior colleague.

Likewise, there is no need to spend huge amounts on a select wine if the recipient is likely to throw it into a punch bowl with fruit etc., to make a sangria style punch.

However, if making an impression is what you are aiming for then the wine and gourmet basket must be one of the best ways of making a splash. Imagine pates and cheeses with gourmet spreads and crackers plus superb selections of wine and champagne. Indeed, anything that is considered ‘high end’ is available in this kind of gift basket.

Another great feature of sending a gift basket, whatever it contains, is the sheer excitement generated by having this great gift delivered to the recipient’s door. No matter how sophisticated we all become, the surprise of the unexpected gift is priceless, especially if the gift basket is filled with something unforeseen.

A favorite choice for most people must be the gift of champagne but don’t be limited by that. There are many different wines on offer and most people would consider that champagne could only be used for special occasions. It may be better then to send a choice of wines that can be brought out at several events. Some gift baskets feature wine along with sauces and coffees laced with liquor which could be served up at dinner parties, barbeques or family picnics.

Whatever you choose, you can be assured that the recipient will be delighted with your choice. You see the gift not only shows that you care but also that you took time to consider what they would want. In other words, you have taken time to show them that they are important and that you care for them or respect them. Who wouldn’t like to have this sentiment shown to them?

Even if it is a work colleague or senior, you will make a good impression by choosing just the right gift which will suit the lifestyle and aspirations of the recipient. Therefore it is certainly important to take time with your choice.

Since the choice of gift basket is virtually endless, the only problem you will have is just which one? Don’t forget that there is always another occasion and always another birthday etc. so although you may be spoiled for choice you could always send one basket now and for the next time a different one.

In fact, be careful, you could build that reputation of sending superb baskets for great occasions. Who wouldn’t want to be remembered in this way?

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